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  Anthony Silver is the Director of Gray Matters. He holds Master Degrees in both Psychology and   Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is a Board   Certified Neurofeedback Clinician.

  Anthony has successfully treated hundreds of children and adults with both neurofeedback and   psychotherapy. He regularly consults with leading figures in the field, and is himself a frequent   source for consultation and mentoring. His own work has been published nationally, and he has   been interviewed in numerous publications and has made many appearances on TV.

  Anthony is also on the staff of the Southfield Center for Development in Darien, CT., where he   works as a psychotherapist, working with children, adolescents and adults.

  Anthony Silver:

 “Gray Matters grew from an overlapping interest in two different areas:

  My interest in neurofeedback began with my frustration with the prevailing treatment of   children with ADHD. Children were frequently medicated too quickly, and often on a trial and   error basis - an extension of the diagnostic process, rather than its product. Medication was   being used as a “band aid”, while the underlying issues remained unchanged, all while   children were dealing with significant side-effects. In short, medicine was not keeping-up with   neuroscience - an issue I’m determined to address.

  My interest in psychotherapy has been a lifelong passion. More recently, it was strongly   influenced by the experience of my own divorce. I believe that too few therapists are willing   to take a position, but that sometimes that’s precisely what’s needed.”

Dr. Smith is a holistic chiropractor and Neurofeedback practitioner.  She is an award-winning author and frequent speaker on developmental disorder neurology in New York and Connecticut.  Dr. Smith is a cum laude alum of New York Chiropractic College (’08) & Brandeis University (’03).  Her post-doctoral Functional Medicine training has focused on blood & stool diagnosis, nutrition, and neuro-physiology.  She earned advanced chiropractic certifications in Activator Technique (’11) and Applied Kinesiology (’07).

Dr. Smith has been working with children and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, low energy, digestive pain, insomnia, migraines, etc. since 2008.  In 2010, she had a powerful personal experience with Neurofeedback and decided to incorporate it into patient care.  So she began studying under a private mentor and took continuing education courses through the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation.  She collaborated with a series of other doctors and practitioners.  Now, having integrated some the industry’s most advanced Neurofeedback equipment (the Brainmaster Discovery 24E), Dr. Smith is able to  improve the quality and longevity of her patient outcomes dramatically.


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Anthony Silver, Director



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